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Private Training

(Please note, one-on-one sessions are not suitable for aggression issues, severe reactivity, anxiety or house/crate-training.  I will ultimately decide what training program will be best for you & your dog based on their needs and your goals)

One-on-one training sessions are offered for clients whose training goals involve basic obedience, minor reactivity, recall or leash-walking skills.  I will meet with you and your dog to go over your training needs and ultimate goals.  I will answer any questions that you have and introduce you and your dog to the necessary training equipment.


You will have a very active role during our sessions, as my ultimate goal is to teach YOU how to train your dog.  For this reason, the results and success of the training will heavily rely on you as an owner & how much time and effort is invested into your training back at home.  Private sessions are different from board and trains in several ways, but the most notable difference being that during private sessions, I will coach you through training exercises that respond to your dog’s needs, that can be practiced at home.  You will be sent home with training notes summarizing what we went over each session so you can practice at home for continued success.  


My goal is to give you the tools and information to understand why your dog is behaving a certain way, and how you can change that behavior.

**ONE on ONE training sessions are 1 hour long, $100+HST/session, training equipment extra**

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