My 10 month old Bernedoodle puppy stayed with Paige for a 3 week board and train and boy, has it changed our lives! Rolo needed serious help with manners, obedience and his non existent recall. Never in a million years did I expect my dog to be so well behaved! It was honestly a miracle. Paige worked with Rolo on all the issues we were having at home and learned things about him that helped build our relationship! She uncovered that he loves to work and that he’s food motivated- both things I previously claimed as untrue!!

It was amazing to see the relationship between Paige and Rolo unfold as he found a leader who could show him how to behave in the world. Each day, I saw his confidence grow. A few days earlier, I thought he was “un-trainable”.

I never thought I’d see the day where I would trust Rolo off leash. He’s a crazy boy who is easily excitable and often acts on impulses when he wants something! But NOW, it’s like night and day. I can take him out to pee in the front yard off leash and know he will stay with me. I trust him on hikes and around other dogs and people. It’s incredible! Of course, Rolo isn’t perfect and he still has the same quirks he left with, but he is a much better listener and so much more attentive! Family and friends have pointed out the drastic difference as well.

Paige was amazing. She was patient, kind and helpful, with me as an owner and with Rolo! She is knowledgeable, confident and honest about every step of the process and is passionate about what she does! Not only is Rolo trained, but I have found a friend in Paige and I am so happy to have been able to send Rolo to her. We have found such a great dog community through Paige as well, which is just another benefit of her board and train.

If you’re thinking about sending your dog, DO IT!!



Paige is a true professional when it comes to her trade. Sammy our family 6 month old lab mix was a lot to handle especially when it came to my wife who he had a lot of anxiety for. He pulled on his walks listened to commands when he wanted to, urinate on the floor for spite when he was misbehaving, and barking and whinging when in his kennel. We sent him to Paige for a 2 week board and train. Paige informed us of his progress on a daily basis. During the mid session with the owners, Paige demonstrated Sammy's progress and we noticed a massif change in attitude and behavior instantly. Sammy has been home now for two days and all his problems have been sorted and now it such joy to walk and play with him that me and wife fight to do so. Thanks Paige.



We came to Paige at the end of 2020 to get help with our new rescue pup who struggles with impulse control and leash reactivity. After working with Paige our walks have gone from a nightmare full of pulling and reactivity to calm, pleasant, neighbourhood adventures. We are able to enjoy the fun of an energetic and smart dog with structured training activities, rather than being stuck in an endless cycle of frustration and sore shoulders. We can’t wait to get back to training with her to continue Izzy progress and help her become her best, balanced self.



Paige has been an amazing support to us as new owners of our 12wk old lab. Her tips and advice has made a major improvement in Harleys training and in less then a week we have seen so much improvement with her just from using Paige’s advice and tips. We will for sure to continue working with Paige and if and when we need more extensive training and/or boarding we will for sure be using Paige.



Paige is an amazing person FULL of knowledge on how to train your dog. Our dog Lola has been transformed from an out of control puppy to a well behaved lovable pet in a very short time. Paige is very good at what she does. We love her passion! Thank you Paige



Where to start with Miss Paige. She is an amazing person with a knack with four legged and two leg clients. I’ve had dogs most of my 50 trips around the sun. Never had too much of a problem training them.

Wellllll, along comes Jackson. Our bundle of never ending energy. We couldn’t control him. Jumping, nipping, pulling on walks and just a lack of manners, having people over was an adventure trying to have him behave.

We found out about Paige through friends of ours that had their two rambunctious dogs in for board and training. They had nothing but great things to say about her services and the results.

After lengthy debate we decided to enroll Jack for the board and train. I had my misgivings about the whole thing but watching him tear around off leash, loving life right now and recalling beautifully was worth it. He’s still our goofball but now he is well mannered and listens to commands. Walking him without a leash, heeling at my side, he gets plenty of compliments from others. He does try to push his boundaries but Paige has been there after the fact to help with any questions we have, no matter how silly they may sound. She wants them to do well as much as you do.

I couldn’t recommend Paige anymore than I already do, she is amazing at what she does.


Diesel & Delila

We brought our pups for 2 separate two week board and trains and are so unbelievably happy with the outcome! Our pups (at 6 months old) are fully off leash trained and can now start to experience so many great things in this world because of it! We are beyond thrilled with the process and progress! Whenever we have questions as owners Paige is their to answer them! She trained us as much as she trained the dogs and we can’t thank her enough! Highly HIGHLY recommend her for training or boarding she is great with pets and very active while they are with her! Walks, play time, field trips and so much more. As owners we feel so happy knowing she truly treated both of our pups like her own! Thank you Paige!!



Paige was amazing with my dogs. Koda was a different dog when I picked her up she listened, was calmer and even looked happier as she had freedom off leash now. I did a day of training with my other dog which was enough for me to learn and continue training at home. Paige is always available to ask questions with a quick and thorough response. It’s been such a pleasure and I look forward to future training and dog sitting sessions (my dogs are even more excited) lol I would 100% recommend Paige for training and dog sitting



Highly recommend Paige! Beyond impressed with our 2 week board and train for our Olde English bulldog puppy. Willow is now 14 months and loving life! Her recall is , she is polite on leash, well mannered, family pet. We will never hesitate to go for a “tune up” with Paige! Such an amazing foundation of training for both our dog and us!


Skylar & Axel

Paige has been amazing with both my Great Danes. My male is special needs, blind, deaf and now requires medicine daily for epilepsy and Paige has been able to handle this no problem. My dogs love it there and are very tired when they come home!



I had been following Paige for a while on social media and saw how good she was with all that dogs that came to her. My Husband and myself are very outdoorsy people (fishing, hiking, hunting) and as such wanted our rescue Shadow to be fully off leash trained. He also had some other quirks that needed some work as well. Shadow went to her for a 4 week board and train. She took such good care of him and always updated me on how he was doing. Not only that but she even remembered Shadows birthday and went out of her way to spoil him like he was her own dog. Shadow had a blast with her and came home fully off leash trained and over all a much more confident happy dog. Our outdoorsy life style can now be enjoyed with the whole family, we also get soooooo many compliments on how well behaved Shadow is. I could not be more happy with Paige and her services she offers. Not only that I now have someone I can trust if we have to go out of town and Shadow cannot come with I feel sooo comfortable leaving Shadow with Paige. She is amazing with all the dogs.



Paige is great! My pup Finn finished a 2 week board and train with her and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Paige takes time to make sure you understand all the training methods beforehand, and makes everything super easy to take over once the training with her has finished. Not to mention she is wonderful with the animals! Keeping Finn on track with training at home was a very smooth process, and walking her has never been more fun! I would definitely recommend Paige’s Pet Services to anyone looking for training or pet sitting. Thank you so much!



I recommend Paige’s Pet Services to everyone! After going through multiple trainers for my leash reactive/resource guarding dog I have finally found someone who gets it. Balance. Yes AND no. Paige is giving me my life back and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Paige isn’t just here for the dog, she’s here for me. I know she truly cares and I am forever thankful for her.



Paige is an amazing trainer, I sent my Great Dane to her at 4 months of age for 2 week training. Harley came back a completely different new and improved puppy! If i have any questions or concerns I know I can get the help from Paige! Awesome work, 100 percent would recommend anyone needing any help with their dogs.



Paige helped us with our 1 1/2 year old husky mix Tuk. After a 3 week board and train we picked up a calm, balanced dog with fantastic recall! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a knowledgeable dog trainer