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We offer daycare & boarding are offered to any dog that has completed any kind of training with us!  Whether they have done a board and train program with us, or a minimum of three, 1 on 1 sessions, both will be accepted!

The reason for this is because we are mainly a board and train facility & I want to minimize any potential setbacks to the training dogs.  This is a very structured and calm environment.  Your dog will be doing daily training with me too throughout their stay.  They'll be expected to be crating calmly while here, they will be practicing their place work, leash skills, recall work, having controlled playtime, assisting me when needed and so much more!

We also offer swimming time in the summer and hikes all year round!


Tues-Fri:  8am - 6pm

Weekends: 9am-4pm

Monday: CLOSED


ONE Dog:

1-7 hours - $50

8+ hours - $60

TWO Dogs:

3-7 hours - $70

8+ hours - $80


1 dog - $80/night

2 dogs - $100/night

3 dogs - $120/night

Nail Trims: $10/dog

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